Good rice detection

How to recognize good rice

To distinguish quality rice, put some rice between the palms of your hands and when you release it, you should smell a pleasant smell. Recognizing rice is not an easy task, because the texture of rice is almost the same shape, but in appearance, rice should not have half-grains and fractures.

Rice flavor
Good Iranian rice has a good aroma and taste that distinguishes it from foreign rice as well as high-yield and low-quality Iranian rice. Rice that has a high-yield breed have less aroma than good rice.
To distinguish, put some rice between the palms of your hands and leave it, it should smell good. Of course, some profiteers mistakenly turn the original and fragrant rice into rice and pour some of it in each bag. You will fall. To diagnose this trick, you should also use the rice flavor test, that is, take a few grains of it and die to get rid of the rice powder, then put it in your mouth, if it does not have a pleasant taste, good rice is not.

Uniformity of rice
The grains of a good quality rice are whole and there are no crumbs and half grains in it, but up to 4% is normal in it. The more complete the grains of rice, the better the quality of your rice.

Dryness of rice
Rice has a high humidity at the beginning of the harvest. This amount of rice moisture both makes cooking difficult and makes it difficult to store the rice, making it vulnerable to insects. For this reason, factories use dryers. , Freshly harvested rice is dried to reduce its moisture; The time and temperature of this dryer play an important role in the quality of rice.
Unfortunately, some mills use higher temperatures and shorter times to speed up the drying process, which reduces the quality of the rice.
Well-dried rice, in cooking and brewing, grows well or so-called rye, because because it is dry, it easily absorbs the water in the pot and grows tall. (That’s why you have to be more careful when cooking fresh rice)

Being semi-crystalline
Good Iranian rice has a translucent color or in other words semi-crystalline and does not have the opacity of foreign rice. Indian and Pakistani rice is dark and turbid in color and Iranian rice is white and milky in color.
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