Bahar Tejarat Motemayez Company Product Representation

The representative of the Bahar Tejarat Motemayez Company is granted to accompany or a person that has a good working experience in selling different brands of foods, especially reputable brands. If you will to cooperate more with us as well as have a good income-generating business, you can apply to this company representative considering your conditions and what you have.

Reseller is the representation of a company or individual. The reseller sells the products of the company or other person on behalf of that person or company for the purpose of selling, not using, the products. In this way, the reseller trades usually by selling products from the company or the original person at a lower price than the market price, thus increasing the sales and the brand of the original company, as well as selling the profit and revenue.

One example of commercial agency is sole proprietorship. The term exclusivity in these contracts means that the agent shall be the only person to sell the products in the area agreed upon by the parties.

Citizenship of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Possess relevant applied knowledge

Having a national, regional, provincial licensing

Providing valid guarantees and good bank account turnover

The minimum age of applicants is 25 years

No drug and alcohol addiction, no criminal record

Thank you, dear friends, for joining the big family of Bahar Tejarat Motemayez, to read the terms and conditions carefully, fill out the form carefully so that our experts can contact you as soon as possible because of the high volume of requests. Be patient.

Representation Form

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