Bahar Tejarat Motemayez Company

Bahar Tejarat Motemayez Company Relying on God and the support of its successful directors in the distribution of household staples for more than 20 years, the company has started its activity to import rice in 2019. The imports of this company were initially started in 1000 tons in one season, but due to the good quality of the product, sobriety and honesty in sales and also based on the kindness and trust of our valuable customers, the imports were increased to 12,000 tons and the company has experienced a rapid growth.

Company’s Vision Production, import and export of all kinds of healthy food For the consumption of all Iranians and a part of regional and international consumers, powerful distribution network in order to eliminate any unnecessary intermediaries and reduce the expense of prime costs.

This company is now producing tomato paste and convenience foods and ready meals in order to expand its business activities.